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MeLLANGE Results and Deliverables

The Learner Translator Corpus

A multilingual corpus of 440 student and professional translations covering 4 text types annotated. The Learner Translator Corpus  has been assembled collaboratively and it informs translator trainers, professionals and trainees alike; it constitutes a valuable resource of translation alternatives and solutions to a wide range of translation errors captured by the MeLLANGE error typology. Access to the MeLLANGE LTC was allowed by creating an interactive query mechanism to the LTC. For further information on this query mechanism please consult the LTC site at the University of Leeds. If you wish to obtain the MeLLANGE LTC, please contact Mr. D. I. Ciobanu for further details.

Online courses

The MeLLANGE model courses on Corpora for Translation and Translation Memory have been created collaboratively with input from both the academic and industry partners and represent a more effective approach to blended learning thanks to their significant interactive element. This aspect has been stressed in the feedback offered by both students and professional translators who have tested the materials and their updated versions on several occasions throughout the project. The Mellange courses may be consulted on the MeLLANGE Moodle Platform. If you are interested in using or adapting our courses, you may download source files of all of our courses (HotPotatoes, eXe or SCORM files) from our MeLLANGE Plone platform. The SCORM packages can be imported into any SCORM-compatible e-learning platform. The eXe files may be edited, then exported either as SCORM packages, or simply exported as a bundle of html files and integrated to any website. For further information on the eXe e-Learning XHTML editor, please visit the eXe homepage, where you may also download the eXe editor. Please note that this material is subject to a Creative Commons Licence.

Guidelines for the development of e-learning material

These specifications have been developed to provide best practices in terms of e-learning content development. They supply guidance for the delivery of coherent and consistent pedagogical online experience for learners. The guidelines for the development of e-learning materia can be downloaded here.

Working documents on the creation of a European Master of Translation and Technology

The vocational training policy at the European level is being addressed to by coordinating Masters of Arts (MA) programmes, within the framework of the Bologna declaration. MeLLANGE continues to work on the design of a European Masters of Arts in Translation and Technology (EMTT) that will be recognised by the different partners, thus enabling student and professional mobility within the European Community. You may find further information on the EMTT here.

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